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The Best Candid Wedding Photography & Cinematography



A pre-wedding shoot is a perfect way to capture your love for each other without any relatives or friends around. It makes great pictures which you can later frame and keep by your bedside or on your work desk to remember the magical time leading up to your wedding.



Nowadays, most couples are opting for exotic locations and destinations for hosting their wedding ceremonies as they make your wedding moments more beautiful. Whether you are planning to have a beach destination wedding or a royal fort wedding, the next big thing on your list should be to find the best destination wedding photographer for the same.


Sangeet Sandhya

We also capture amazing and stunning moments from the performance at their sangeet. Their wedding ceremony was just beyond our description as it was such an amazing affair. Their Pheras were held after sunset in the beautiful lawns. We have never captured such beautiful scenic beauty in the surroundings. There were many beautiful things that make this wedding so memorable for us.


Ring Ceremoney

Every couple share a different chemistry. Some may share a lovey dovey type of chemistry others may share a more serious type of chemistry. Regardless, it is the responsibility of the photographer to understand exactly what that is. That may be discovered by asking the couple questions about their relationship. How they met and how they interact on a daily basis are some questions to name a few to begin with. This will help the photographer to really highlight those qualities with the poses.


Reception Party

Experimenting and allowing spontaneity will make it less boring. Letting the couple feel right at home and allowing them to feel free to express themselves with make it a fun and memorable experience for the photographer and the couple.